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“Children’s Stories for Adults”. Much of Stephen’s work can be appreciated by grown ups too.

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The Giant’s Causeway Storybook

Published 1996, 2001, 2005, 2007. ISBN 0 9528922 00

This book is an ideal gift for any child or adult with an interest in local culture.

The re-telling of the Causeway legend looks at the story with an unusually fresh approach.

The building of the Giant’s Causeway from Ireland to Scotland introduces you to Finn MacCool, Benandonner (the Scottish giant), Oonagh (Finn’s wife) and a number of other characters. A gateway and bridge to shared Irish and Scottish culture.

The quirky humour in this book is excellent and weighing in at 80 pages, it is exceptional value for money. With intense illustrations by Stephen Hall and written by his alter ego, Daniel Ferguson, “The Giant’s Causeway” will drop you into the rough and tumble of Iron Age mythology. (Lots of wee extra bits for the eye to trip over.)

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The Giant’s Causeway Animated DVD

Published 2005. ISBN 0 9528922 9 4

A wee jewel of creativity from the Causeway Collection.

This simply animated version of the Giant’s Causeway Legend can now be seen in English and Irish. It can also be viewed and listened to in book form, in Ulster Scots and Scots Gaelic.

One of the enjoyable special features of this DVD is the enormous background section containing illustrated mini-books and character profiles. All created by Stephen. Introducing new characters and seldom read stories, recently un-earthed by Daniel Ferguson. (Or so he says).

With each page illustrated in varied ways this is the young pup’s North Antrim master work, significantly bridging English, Irish, Ulster Scots and Scots Gaelic.

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The Giant’s Causeway Activity Book

Published 2006. ISBN 0 9550728 0 8

An innovative activity book. A good first step onto the shoreline of the Giant’s Causeway. Let Angus Mac Baa Baa tell you of the Kingdom of Dalriada. Learn where the name Scotland comes from. (I never knew that!).

Look at Finn MacCool’s family tree and your own too. Questions and Answers about Finn and Benandonner. English and Irish names maze. Baby Oisín fights a monster. And meet some new characters like Barney Boy MacYowley, Raithkaida Mór, Heesha Yousebabble, Kevin Astromancer and Hetti La Tavish. Then help to draw creatures like the Great North Antrim Sea Rat, Fomorians and an Irish Land Dragon.

Hours of engagement for young and old alike.

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The Duck Storybook

Published 2008. ISBN 0-9528922-3-5

As unpredictable as ever Stephen brings you a re-telling of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Ugly Duckling” placing the story in Ballycastle, North Antrim, which has strong links to Scotland and the Isles. With text in English and Irish Stephen continues to break new ground culturally.

Weaving together the Scandanavian tale with elements of The Children of Lir. Forged with a modern life setting, following the Gaelic elements of the year as we travel with “The Duck”.

Combining humour with pathos this story will stretch your emotions as well as being a visual treat in full colour . An enjoyably challenging journey of 64 pages.

A children’s story with adults in mind. Never patronising.

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The Bushmills Distillery Map

As illustrated. Supplied in a sealed cardboard tube.

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Stephen has written illustrated and published other books of poetry and cultural interest.
These books were produced in small quantities.



  1. The Label Makes all the Difference. 1998. ISBN 0 952 8922 5 1
  2. The book OF Yerdagh and my Da too. 1998. ISBN 0 952 8922 4 3
  3. Dam Bursting. Collection of poetry 1998. ISBN 0 952 8922 2 7
  4. The Tree. A new legend with Irish/Native American themes. 1999. ISBN 0 952 8922 6X

Stephen has written many other poems, stories and songs, using them in workshops locally in Ireland.