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Randall Stephen Hall


Hugh Midden Speaks

The Wee Wee Man. Songs from the Moon Shed.

A new CD in the finest Ulster Scots Irish.

21 Tracks of Songs and Poems.

EAN Number 5 099386 343509.

Launched at The Black Box 23rd of September 2010.

Price. £10 + £2.50 P&P UK and Ireland.

Since the 28th of January 2010 Stephen has had significant airplay on The Gerry Anderson Show, BBC Radio Foyle, Radio Ulster. Listeners have responded to songs

Like “The Wee Wee Man”, “Biscuits”, “Get Your Pig On”, “The Lang Staine” and more.

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Throughout his adult life Stephen has continued to write songs, stories and poems,

Many of which have been influenced by life in the North of Ireland.

This recent flowering of work shows his capacity for creative content, meaning and inventive humour.

Significantly bridging the boundaries between English, Irish and Ulster Scots, Stephen ploughs an unusual furrow.

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