Randall Stephen Hall

Hugh Midden Speaks. By Randall Stephen Hall. Here’s a wee…

Hugh Midden Speaks.
By Randall Stephen Hall.

Here’s a wee collection of poems
including one song and some musical elements
called “Hugh Midden Speaks”

A link to ten audio files. There may be more.


Although I work as an illustrator, I’m also involved
with writing, music, poetry and storytelling.

Part of this work has evolved into “Hugh Midden”,
A character of my own invention. Hugh expresses
ideas and thoughts that, to me, sound better
in his voice, than my own.

Hugh describes himself as a North Antrim Tribesman.
Of Scottish and Irish descent. A hybrid. A small holding
farmer. A wearer of the plaid/tartan blanket, overalls, boots, patched jeans, cap, ancient Harris tweed “jecket”, dark glasses and a smoker of the rolled cigarette.

He has worked at many things. Above his fire rests an ancient spear he calls “Ye Boy Ye”. His pen is also his spear.

He has his own opinions and thoughts. So here they are.

Good Luck.