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REWIRED. A song from “Rewired & Random” A new album/CD…

REWIRED. A song from “Rewired & Random”
A new album/CD from Randall Stephen Hall.
Available either at gigs or as a download. Stephen Hall

I suppose that what I am trying to say in this song is that I have reached a point in my life where my early conditioning, my label or initial branding, no longer have the same hold on me.

I see things in a different way, because my life experience has provided me with information and insight which contradicts much of what I see around me in Northern Ireland.

“Re-Wired” was mainly shaped by being born and growing up in Belfast.
It’s not meant to offend people’s views of themselves as either Catholic or Protestant, Irish or British, but merely suggest that the struggle for Peace is in the mind, now that the physical war is over. (Though there is still a lot of sectarian violence on our streets).

For a new “front” has opened up. It is, in a sense, the original front, as we struggle to come to terms with our own demons, our own personal sectarianism, bigotry, and continued inner hatred. (Yes, even for the middle classes, who are in some ways the worst offenders as they attempt to hide their hatred so well, but not so completely that it cannot be seen).

Horrible stuff. I should know. For I harbour it inside myself too. “Ah, well met now, auld friend . . .”

These inner thoughts lie in wait, to trip us up and make us react, as we always have, to the people we think we have nothing in common with either socially or politically.

Hope you find this one positive and challenging.

Re-Wired. 2013 �Lyrics by Randall Stephen Hall.

We’re all makin’ babies.�Some are even Prods.�Some are bloody Catholics.�Some are silly sods.�Some will grow up beautiful
Or look like a potato.�I don’t care just what you are�You big soft red tomato.

Across all this community
There’s lots of things to share.�Like Cancer, Death and S.T.Ds.�So watch it, just take care.�But catchin’ Love is like the cold�It makes you hot and tired.�Go see the Electrician�And get your bloody head re-wired.


Re-wired, re-wired, I got my head re-wired.�My enemy’s my friend now �My hatred’s all expired.�Re-wired, re-wired, I got it done for free.�I love everybody�So come and sit on my knee.

The next time anybody�Takes a look at you.�Asks you what your name is
Where you live and what you do.�Take your left or right foot�And kick them up the ass.�They need their head examined.�So give them a free pass.

You don’t have to listen�To what I’m singin’ then.�Go switch off your wee radio�Your heart, your mind, your friend’s.�I haven’t gone away you know
I’m waitin’ here for you.�He is the Electrician�He’s gonna throw his switch for you.