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The Giant’s Causeway Story in Irish, released into the wild….

The Giant’s Causeway Story in Irish, released into the wild.

The Giant’s Causeway animated story, the Irish version,
is now available on You Tube. Hopefully there will be other language versions too.

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The main idea for the DVD was to bring English, Irish, Ulster Scots and Scots Gaelic together within the one area. I worked on this project between 1999 and 2002, when it was launched at the Linenhall Library.

For a link to my article in The Irish American News, Chicago on there being no evidence of the Irish Language, Ulster Scots or Scots Gaelic at the Giant’s Causeway, at present.

The music that you hear at the beginning and end of the animation was sung by Catherine-Ann MacFee. Two songs from her classic album, “Canan Nan Gaidheal”.

My drawings were animated by Peter Cooper, Michael Lee and Paul McKnight.

Various people helped me with translations and voice over work. Seán Ó Muiregáin/Irish version. Scots Gaelic translation/Ian MacDonald/The Gaelic Books Council/Voice over by Anne Sinclair. The Ulster Scots version was translated by Ian Parsley with help from Gavin Falconer. They both did a great voice over too. A Scots version was also written by the Scots poet, Dave Purdie.

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