The Wee Wee Man makes American travellers smile on their journey through County…

The Wee Wee Man makes American travellers smile on their journey through County Antrim. Taken from an email 19.9.12

“My husband and I recently returned from a road trip through Ireland and Northern Ireland. On the way north, headed for the Causeway Coastal Route, we stopped off at the Northern Ireland Tourism Office in Larne. They had CD’s for sale and I was looking for some storytelling to play as we drove along in our wee, wee rental car. The woman on duty recommended “The Wee Wee Man”. I was immediately sold, charmed by the cover illustrations and because I have a Scots Irish family background – my McCormick ancestors emigrated to Pennsylvania from the Dunmakelter townland.

Well, that was two weeks ago and we are still humming and singing the title song. We are due to be grandparents in February and I am certain we will be bouncing the baby on our knees and singing that song. So I would really appreciate it if you could send me a copy of the lyrics. We might as well get it right! In the meantime, we’ll be working on our Ulster accents.

We really enjoyed our visit to the Antrim Coast. We had perfect weather for taking all the scenic detours and visiting the Giant’s Causeway the first week of September. Your song will always remind us of our trip, so I just had to let you know how much we appreciated your work.”

Diane McCormick French
Colorado Springs, CO USA