To the Moon. By Randall Stephen Hall 2009. Like a number of songs I have writte…

To the Moon.
By Randall Stephen Hall 2009.

Like a number of songs I have written,
this one just appeared. Nice and simple.
With a clear message of optimism and hope
for our shared future. Very influenced by growing up
and going to school in North Belfast, during the 1960’s
and 1970’s.

We have so much potential within us that we never access.
It makes me sad to see this current crop of children having their heads dipped in all the old hatreds as if nothing has changed at all.

But some cracks have appeared in the dam. (Our great dam of fear). One day we’ll all be flooded by something new, with different choices regarding who we could be, rather than the sad old things that we are. (That includes the young who don’t see the opportunity.)

To the Moon.

Look at the sun
It is so far away.
And my heart is locked up
With your keys now.
When will you return?
When will you set me free
And we will fly free to the moon.

I am calling, can you hear me?
I am with you, I am listening.
Give me shelter from the wind
And the rain in my face.
And we will fly to the moon.
Oh, we will fly to the moon.

My love for you
Has always been in this place.
Generations lost
But we search for each other.
They set us all together.
Then they set us all apart.
But still we will fly to the moon.


Sister and mother
Oh father and brother.
We are coming in from the cold now.
Put those toys away
They won’t do you any good.
Can’t you see we are flying to the moon.


To The Moon 2009
I wrote this song “To the Moon”, prior to 2009. At the time I had no intention of recording a CD, which I did, at home, on Garageband. Th…